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  Sample ID Sequence ID Species Deposited in Marker Code Country  
1 EF528300 GBML1099-08 uncultured mollusc COI-5P more
2 HLC-27481 LIMX141-10 Australia more
3 HLC-25770 NNMX214-08 Biodiversity Institute of Ontario COI-5P Canada more
4 HLC-25774 NNMX218-08 Biodiversity Institute of Ontario COI-5P Canada more
5 HLC-25777 NNMX221-08 Biodiversity Institute of Ontario COI-5P Canada more
6 HLC-30080 NNMX243-08 Biodiversity Institute of Ontario COI-5P Canada more
7 AM922259 GBML1100-08 Chaetoderma felderi COI-5P more
8 AY377726 GBML0061-06 Chaetoderma nitidulum COI-5P more
9 AY377722 GBML0057-06 Epimenia australis COI-5P more
10 AY377724 GBML0059-06 Epimenia babai COI-5P more
11 AY377723 GBML0058-06 Epimenia sp. AO-2003 COI-5P more
12 AY377725 GBML0060-06 Helicoradomenia sp. AO-2003 COI-5P more
13 EF528305 GBMLB2642-08 Acanthocardia echinata COI-5P more
14 DQ632743 GBMLB1915-06 Acanthocardia tuberculata COI-5P more
15 NC_008452 GBMLB2008-06 Acanthocardia tuberculata COI-5P more
16 AM494907 GBMLB2045-07 Acesta bullisi COI-5P more
17 AM494906 GBMLB2046-07 Acesta bullisi COI-5P more
18 AM494905 GBMLB3620-09 Acesta bullisi COI-5P more
19 AM494911 GBMLB2041-07 Acesta excavata COI-5P more
20 AM494910 GBMLB2042-07 Acesta excavata COI-5P more
21 AM494909 GBMLB2043-07 Acesta excavata COI-5P more
22 AM494908 GBMLB2044-07 Acesta excavata COI-5P more
23 EF460429 GBMLB3186-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
24 EF460428 GBMLB3187-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
25 EF460427 GBMLB3188-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
26 EF460426 GBMLB3189-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
27 EF460425 GBMLB3190-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
28 EF460424 GBMLB3191-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
29 EF460423 GBMLB3192-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
30 EF460422 GBMLB3193-08 Acesta mori COI-5P more
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