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  Sample ID Sequence ID Species Deposited in Marker Code Country  
1 09PROBE-05552 MKPCH527-09 Diphasiastrum aff sitchense Biodiversity Institute of Ontario Canada more
2 JAG 0607 KSR361-07 Huperzia lucidula trnH-psbA Canada more
3 09PROBE-05074 MKPCH169-09 Lycopodium annotinum Biodiversity Institute of Ontario ITS Canada more
4 AP326-b KSR519-08 Lycopodium digitatum trnH-psbA Canada more
5 SB181 IASVF182-09 Tromso University Museum rbcLa Norway more
6 Boles_RB00-22 FCA291-10 Canadian Museum of Nature, National Herbarium of Canada rbcLa Canada more
7 Gillespie_et_al_7958 FCA130-09 Canadian Museum of Nature rbcLa Canada more
8 NTW294 PLKEN192-10 OAC Herbarium rbcLa Canada more