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  Sample ID Sequence ID Species Deposited in Marker Code Country  
1 FJ534596.1 TRENT001-10 Cephaleuros parasiticus rbcL more
2 FJ534597.1 TRENT002-10 Cephaleuros virescens rbcL South Africa more
3 FJ534598.1 TRENT003-10 Cephaleuros virescens rbcL South Africa more
4 FJ534599.1 TRENT004-10 Cephaleuros virescens rbcL China more
5 FJ534600.1 TRENT005-10 Cephaleuros virescens rbcL South Africa more
6 FJ534601.1 TRENT006-10 Cephaleuros virescens rbcL United States more
7 FJ535555 TRENT042-10 rbcL India more
8 FJ536666 TRENT043-10 rbcL India more
9 FJ537777 TRENT044-10 rbcL India more
10 FJ538888 TRENT045-10 rbcL India more
11 GWS022868 AUSCH246-10 Umbraulva sp. 1Aus Australia more
12 CCMP724 HAPT037-08 Pyramimonas parkeae Culture Collection of Marine Plankton, Bigelow Lab more
13 FJ534629.1 TRENT034-10 Printzina lagenifera rbcL Ireland more
14 GWS022744 AUSCH245-10 Ulva fasciata Australia more
15 FJ534623.1 TRENT028-10 Printzina bosseae rbcL Portugal more
16 FJ534624.1 TRENT029-10 Printzina bosseae rbcL United States more
17 FJ534625.1 TRENT030-10 Printzina bosseae rbcL French Guiana more
18 FJ534626.1 TRENT031-10 Printzina bosseae rbcL Panama more
19 FJ534627.1 TRENT032-10 Printzina lagenifera rbcL French Guiana more
20 FJ534628.1 TRENT033-10 Printzina lagenifera rbcL United States more
21 FJ534630.1 TRENT035-10 Printzina lagenifera rbcL Italy more
22 FJ534631.1 TRENT036-10 Printzina lagenifera rbcL Panama more
23 FJ534632.1 TRENT037-10 Printzina lagenifera rbcL Panama more
24 FJ534633.1 TRENT038-10 Printzina effusa rbcL United States more
25 FJ534634.1 TRENT039-10 Printzina sp. rbcL French Guiana more
26 FJ534635.1 TRENT040-10 Printzina sp. rbcL Panama more
27 FJ534636.1 TRENT041-10 Printzina sp. rbcL Panama more
28 FJ534614.1 TRENT019-10 Trentepohlia dusenii rbcL Cameroon more
29 FJ534615.1 TRENT020-10 Trentepohlia flava rbcL United States more
30 FJ534616.1 TRENT021-10 Trentepohlia flava rbcL Chile more
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