Number of results : 23

  Sample ID Sequence ID Species Deposited in Marker Code Country  
1 DQ666027 GBPL1072-09 Arthurdendyus triangulatus COI-5P more
2 AF178325 GBPL1163-09 Artioposthia sp. Halton COI-5P more
3 AF178305 GBPL1173-09 Artioposthia testacea COI-5P more
4 AF178306 GBPL1172-09 Bipalium adventitium COI-5P more
5 AF178307 GBPL1171-09 Bipalium sp. Kawakatsu COI-5P more
6 AF178312 GBPL1169-09 Dendrocoelum lacteum COI-5P more
7 AF178314 GBPL1168-09 Dugesia dorotocephala COI-5P more
8 AF178311 GBPL1170-09 Dugesia ryukyuensis COI-5P more
9 DQ666040 GBPL1070-09 Geoplana guagga COI-5P more
10 DQ666038 GBPL1071-09 Girardia anderlani COI-5P more
11 AF178316 GBPL1167-09 Girardia tigrina COI-5P more
12 AF178320 GBPL1165-09 Platydemus manokwari COI-5P more
13 AB049114 GBPL0010-06 Pseudostylochus intermedius COI-5P more
14 FJ384903 GBPL1183-09 Rhynchoscolex simplex COI-5P more
15 AF178324 GBPL1164-09 Spathula sp. R. Sluys COI-5P more
16 FJ384891 GBPL1185-09 Stenostomum leucops COI-5P more
17 FJ384896 GBPL1184-09 Stenostomum sp. island COI-5P more
18 FJ384906 GBPL1182-09 Stenostomum sp. longpit COI-5P more
19 AF178319 GBPL1166-09 Neppia montana COI-5P more
20 DQ666048 GBPL1067-09 Novibipalium venosum COI-5P more
21 DQ666046 GBPL1068-09 Neppia sp. MR-2006 COI-5P more
22 DQ666045 GBPL1069-09 Microplana sp. MR-2006 COI-5P more
23 HLC-30326 NNOP095-08 Biodiversity Institute of Ontario COI-5P Canada more