Number of results : 12

  Sample ID Sequence ID Species Deposited in Marker Code Country  
1 EU710926 GBPL726-08 Convolutriloba hastifera COI-5P more
2 EU710921 GBPL731-08 Convolutriloba hastifera COI-5P more
3 EU710928 GBPL724-08 Convolutriloba longifissura COI-5P more
4 EU710927 GBPL725-08 Convolutriloba longifissura COI-5P more
5 EU710923 GBPL729-08 Convolutriloba longifissura COI-5P more
6 EU710922 GBPL730-08 Convolutriloba macropyga COI-5P more
7 EU710925 GBPL727-08 Convolutriloba retrogemma COI-5P more
8 EU710924 GBPL728-08 Convolutriloba retrogemma COI-5P more
9 LilyTestingJune15_2010_SI_4 AQC003-10 Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Biology Aruba more
10 Lily_June16_2010_SI AQC004-10 Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Canada more
11 LilyJune18_2010_SI EQTI004-10 Heilongjiang River Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Science Christmas Island more
12 LilyJune_182010_SI EQTI005-10 National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Hamilton Canada more