Specimen Identifiers

Sample ID: AP097
Catalog Number: OAC 89069
Deposited in: OAC Herbarium
Record ID 721393


Identifier: Annabel Por
Phylum: Pteridophyta
Class Pteridopsida
Order: Polypodiales
Family: Dryopteridaceae
Genus: Dryopteris
Species: Dryopteris carthusiana

Specimen Details

Voucher Type:
Voucher Description:
Tissue Type:
Note: Old growth of Acer saccharum-Tsuga canadensis, with Fraxinus, Caulophyllum thalictroides,, A. saccharum saplings. For Canada Plant Barcode Workgroup, Flora of Jokers Hill. Duplicate vouchers also held at Royal Ontario Museum Green Plant Herbarium (TRT) and at Koffler Scientific Reserve Jokers Hill Herbarium
Life Stage

Collection Data

Collectors: Annabel Por
Date Collected: 2006-06-08
Country: Canada
State/Province: Ontario
Region/City: Regional Municipality of York
Exact Site: Jokers Hill West., Old growth forest, E of trail.
Latitude: 44.034
Longitude: -79.533
Coord Source:
Coord. Accuracy: